About Us - 

Gray Glove Delivery, LLC is a premier moving company in located in Amarillo, Texas. 

We created gray glove delivery, LLC to simplify the delivery process. We will pick up goods from you home or office, transport to our climate controlled warehouse, store as long as needed and/or transport to you new destination.

We also receive goods purchased online and make sure no damages occur or if they do, the damage claim is started immediately eliminating losses due to delayed claims. Once goods are received we can store for as long as you need or transport to your chosen destination.

Gray Glove Delivery, LLC is the finest in home or commercial receiving, storing, and delivering. We are equipped to handle large residential and commercial relocations both in and out of town. All employees are uniformed and professional and undergo extensive training in both customer service and product handling. 

Registration Tracking No. 10665426

US DOT - 2608066

TX DOT - 9004884488

TX DOT Phone - 1-800-299-1700